Watch the webcast of the Outlook's 2017 industry briefing

Entertainment & Media Partner Megan Brownlow launched the 16th Australian Outlook to industry in June 2017. Watch the webcast powered by our partners at Brightcove.

Blurring: Six Case Studies

Genero, a creative marketplace

Highlights from an interview with Genero, a global platform for creative services.

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Roam, an eSports agency

Highlights from an interview with Roam, an Australian eSports agency.

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LENS Immersive, a VR platform

Highlights from an interview with LENS Immersive, a VR and video compression company.

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Special feature: How to be a platform company

A platform is a cloud-based capability that removes friction for customers. Andrew Sklar, Director with PwC's Innovation and Disruption team, tells us how it's done.

Special feature: Brightcove data insight

Brightcove, the world's leading cloud video platform, operates in 70 countries and is used by 4,500 media and marketing clients. Their data provides rich insights on video streaming.

Generation Z, the next consumers

Generation Z, aged 8 to 22, is a large demographic segment starting to make their presence felt as consumers and producers. Hear what some of them have to say.

Our thanks

Thank you to the industry professionals who generously gave their time and insights in interviews to our team and to the data suppliers who supplied or supported data collection and forecasts: Standard Media Index (SMI) and MediaScope. See a full list in the acknowledgements.