Interactive games

  • Courtney Owen
  • Rob Chan
  • Hugh Gaukroger

Market definition

Consumer revenue including PC (physical and digital), console (physical and digital), online (e.g. massively multiplayer online (MMO/social games)) and mobile (e.g. games played on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet). Handheld console games expenditure is included in the console category.

Video game advertising revenue is also covered and comprises B2B revenue from brands built into games e.g. via product placement. It excludes advertising delivered dynamically via the internet.

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Australian total market:

  • Five year historical revenues
  • Five year forecast revenues

For 12 E&M segments


Special features:

  • Growth through diversity
  • The Future of Australian content


An overview of the key players in entertainment and media operating in Australia

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Australia at a glance:

  • Five year historical advertising revenues
  • Five year forecast advertising revenues
  • Five year historical consumer revenues
  • Five year forecast consumer revenues

For 12 E&M segments


Segments contain deeper analysis and commentary on each sector including additional graphs and tables

  • Consumer and educational books
  • Consumer magazines
  • Filmed entertainment
  • Free-to-air television
  • Interactive games
  • Internet access
  • Internet advertising
  • Music
  • Newspapers
  • Out-of-home
  • Radio
  • Subscription television
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